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How to apply the GluCurve Pet CGM

Frequently Asked Questions

Glucose levels are recorded every 3 minutes for up to 14 days, but if your pet manages to get it off early, even a few days of data are invaluable to your veterinarian to help monitor or better regulate your pet.

It can be difficult to place the GluCurve in a location out of reach of the pet’s mouth or hind legs. Animal clothing and nylon harnesses can be a great option to keep them from scratching or biting at it, or talk to your veterinarian about using a cone or inflatable collar if the situation calls for it.

All CGMs are less accurate during the initial 12-36 hours while the immunes system adjusts to the electrode because it initially sees it as a foreign object.

All CGMs read the current caused by glucose reacting to Glucose Oxidase enzymes, the less glucose the less current causing larger variations. In human glucose testing the acceptable range changes from ± 20% to ±20 points because of the current limitations of CGMS.

It works the same way human CGMs work, Glucose Oxidase enzymes are fixed onto an electrode and covered with a semipermeable membrane that allows glucose in but keeps everything else out. The electrode is attached to the CGM and inserted just under the skin into the interstitial fluid where glucose interacts with the GOx enzymes and causes minute amounts of current that the CGM translates into blood glucose readings using an advanced algorithm.

No! Your pet will be able to feel that something is attached via the adhesive pad, they cannot feel the electrode.

Our non-inferiority study showed the average deviation from a chemistry analyzer was 9.73% over 14 days and met the FDA’s guidance for human CGMs which is 87% within ±20% over 14 days.

All diabetic test equipment has an accuracy of plus or minus X% because of the limitations of glucose testing. The same sample of blood could be 10% high on one meter and 10% low on another showing a large discrepancy but both would be considered accurate.

The GluCurve contains a memory chip that save up to 14 days of data until it is uploaded. Anytime you are logged into the GluCurve app, with internet access, and within Bluetooth range the data will be uploaded to your veterinarians.

Yes! But be mindful the GluCurve Pet CGM is attached to your pet's skin using an adhesive pad, the longer it is on your pet the more data will be collected. Water exposure should be avoided.

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